About CollectiView

Our Mission

We believe that a person’s sense of connection and relevance to the world around them is vital to their emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual well-being. This is especially true for our aging loved ones who are no longer able to recall their own memories, or to be physically present to participate in the creation of new ones. This lack of recollection, or connection and participation in life events often increases a loved one’s sense of feeling alone, out of touch, forgotten, even afraid.

Our passion for enhancing quality of life for our own aging loved ones inspired us to develop CollectiView. Its purpose is to connect our loved ones to the people, events and inspirational images that foster their recollections of their own lives, strengthen relationships, and inspire engagement and the creation of new memories.


Our Core Values

  • We believe our aging loved ones should feel connected, valued and inspired every day as part of their overall well-being.
  • We believe that when our loved ones feel a sense of well-being, they are more motivated to engage in activities of daily life.
  • We believe that closer connections with family and friends, and to the world around them is vital to an aging loved one’s sense of significance and purpose. Technology can be used to bring families closer together, and enhance opportunities for shared experiences when it’s not feasible for everyone to be present at the same time.
  • Our products and services will enhance quality of life of loved ones by
    • Stimulating memory, aiding in the recollection of a loved one’s past, and engagement in their present.
    • Fostering new shared experiences between a loved one and family members, and expanding horizons for loved ones who may otherwise feel isolated.
    • Complimenting existing medical care plans for loved ones dealing with memory loss and/or feelings of isolation.
    • Giving our loved ones something to look forward to everyday!

CollectiView is a product of Collective Point, a software development company in Austin, TX. To learn more about Collective Point please visit our website.

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