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CollectiView: What Exactly Is It?

Think of a digital picture frame, without the flash/thumb drive. Now imagine arranging any number of the frames (or displays) any way you want, and mounting them all on a wall like a collage. Now comes the cool stuff. Think of a really user-friendly web app that allows you to upload images to customize what your loved one sees in each frame of their own “window” View 24/7. Now imagine the smile on your loved one’s face when they are greeted by familiar faces, beautiful images or inspirational words whenever they are in their room. Instead of feeling alone, bored, or just out of touch, loved ones could have something new to look at and talk about every day. Best of all, your loved one never has to return to an empty room. Whether it’s a single tablet, or a large grouping of TV displays, your loved one will always have a room with a personalized View.


If you are not too excited about having to create and manage your loved one’s View, we can manage the content for you, you just provide us the images and theme ideas, and we will create themes and “programming schedules” for you. The possibilities are limitless!

Pretty cool, huh? We think so too. This is CollectiView, and we feel privileged to offer this product to the public because we have already seen how it has enhanced lives and strengthened family relationships within our own families. We want loved ones and their families everywhere to experience the same joy we have.

"She continues in a gradual state of decline and seldom initiates any conversation, except when prompted by something she sees on her WindowView! Approx 90% of her self-initiated conversations were prompted by her WindowView. This also motivates us to add more pictures to it."

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